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About me.

Who am I?
I’m the music man.

Okay, a bit pretentious, I know, but it’s eloquent enough to sum up the mission statement that I’ve     lived my life by for the past how-many-ever years. My name is Prashanth Mohan and I’m in love with a woman named music.  Having moved around from places like Louisiana and India all the way to the Big T.O. (that’s Toronto for all you non-Torontonians), I’ve been held witness to hearing TONS of local bands and fantasizing about meeting famous rock bands and showing them my originals (or second-rate versions of their originals).

After that schpeel, you probably think that I’m a musician or something.  Granted, I constantly record stuff in my spare time and my original work “counter” has gone up to about 50 songs (thank you, thank you), but I’m currently studying business at UofT.  That’s not going to stop me from entering the music business as an entrepreneur in a few years. Stay tuned, as this blog promises to give you the information you need to be on top of local music, reviews on albums by my favourite artists, and the usual ramblings of a music junkie.

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