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Coldplay – God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (Live 2003)

January 3, 2011

Until a few years ago, I was never a big fan of Coldplay.  To me, they always sounded pretentious and, to be brutally honest, a little wimpy.  I mean, which red blooded guy wants to listen to Chris Martin’s swooning and romantic vocals?  However, I soon learned the error of my ways.  The following performance of God Put A Smile Upon Your Face included in their Live 2003 compilation album proved to me how versatile of a band they actually were.

This is my favourite Coldplay song for a couple of reasons – firstly, it’s not “sissy” at all. It’s slinky, veeeeery “tongue in cheek” and rather insightful, demonstrating the constant revolving relationship between man and the supernatural (at least for me). As I’m a pretty big fan of songs that capacitate religious parables, I fell head over heels when I heard it for the first time. Also, it’s the only Coldplay song I can actually headbang to. As Coldplay’s one of the few rock bands that don’t get very “distorted” to put it eloquently, this song really demonstrates the hidden rockstar element of the band that is rarely shown to the general public.

So why is this performance especially special? Well, for me, Coldplay was at the pinnacle of their career in 2003. Having just released “A Rush of Blood to the Head” in 2002, they were set to play a plethora of shows with some big numbers like ‘Clocks’ and ‘The Scientist’.  This particular performance seems really special to me because the band’s chemistry seems better than ever. Chris, Johnny, Guy, and Will all seemed to have been emotionally invested in this particular performance because all four of them know exactly how incredible the music they create actually is. It’s almost as if this particular performance represents humility, in its most graceful form.

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