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Muse – Citizen Erased (Glastonbury 2004)

December 31, 2010

My inconsistency’s really been something to write home about as of late.  But I’ve understood the root of the problem – album reviews take a lot of effort and time to write, requiring a substantial amount of research and investigation.  So, I’m going to post about random performances from my favourite artists I find on YouTube starting off with, of course, Muse.

Glastonbury 2004 was an epic year for this epic band.  After the release of their third studio album, Absolution, in 2003, the band set out to play a festival with a killer setlist.  Citizen Erased was undoubtedly my favourite performance in that gig – it might even be my favourite CE performance ever. The random riff Bellamy plays after the first verse + chorus highlights the improvisational genius of this band along with highlighting the cumulative musical chemistry between the three of them.  Glastonbury 2004 was also noteworthy because of the death of drummer Dominic Howard’s father right after he watched the band play the festival. Although it puts an overarching dark light on the performance itself, watching it back 6 years later, I can’t help but feel rather emotional whenever I see them getting raw and passionate while playing the entire song. Overall, awesome song, awesome performance (probably Muse’s best at this festival) and a benchmark moment in the band’s musical career.

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