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Drumroll, please…

April 20, 2010

Hey there.

I’m obviously a fresh new face in this barren landscape you people call the “blogosphere”, but I’m excited about this. This might be something to write home about.

If you haven’t read the “About” section of this blog, then do so. But just to make this entire interaction a lot quicker, I’ll summarize it for you.

In short, I’m in love with a woman and her name’s music.  As you’ll eventually come to know, I’m mostly in love with good ol’ Rock and Roll, but I’m always willing to listen to knew genres, criticize the songs, and then come to finally enjoy them.  This blog promises to fill you in on local Torontonian talent, songs and music videos that you guys need to check out ASAP, and other miscellaneous and personal stories (I know, so sentimental) about my own awesome experience as a musician thriving to survive (I COPYRIGHT THAT PHRASE) in the alleyways of the Big T.O

But until next time, I bid you (my peeps) farewell!

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